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First Time Home Buyers

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First-Time Home Buyers – You’ve Got Help: A MoneyTips Guide

Getting your first home loan can feel like climbing a hill riddled with obstacles. From saving for large down payments and closing costs to deciphering acronyms on loan paperwork, sometimes it can feel like there’s no support for first-time home buyers. But, luckily, that’s where you’re wrong. There is help for you, and being a...

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Buying a House in 2021: A MoneyTips Guide

Buying a home can be INTENSE. But the more prepared you are for each step, the better you’ll feel. So, how can you feel confident when you haven’t done anything like this before? Whether you’re a “newbie” home buyer or you’re buying a second home and need a refresh, now’s a good time to read...

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How Do VA Loans Work?

Whether you’ve served on a ship, on an overseas base or in the field, if you’re a military veteran, you’ve probably spent a lot of time away from home. Maybe that’s why more than 75% of veteran households are homeowners, compared to just over 60% of the general population. Despite this, many eligible military borrowers...

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a very artful cash roll of 20 dollars to represent common mortgage mistakes

Home Rules: How Much Income Is Required for a Mortgage?

Life is full of rules. Whether it’s the golden rule, the rules of the road or the life-changing rules in the latest trending self-help book, we are on a constant lookout for common-sense rules to help us navigate life’s complexities. And speaking of complexities, buying a home can feel more complicated than driving, dieting or...

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