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Debt Consolidation Vs. Debt Settlement: Which Is Better?

Debt can be a powerful tool when you want to buy a home or a car or go to school. But sometimes debt stinks. Take away mortgage debt, student loan debt and auto loan debt and the U.S. still has over $1.3 trillion in debt from credit cards and other forms of debt. While we...

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Things To Know About Long-Term Personal Loans

When you borrow money from a lender, you are taking on a risk – and so is your lender. That’s why a loan’s repayment terms and conditions are typically meticulously spelled out. Some loans are short-term and can be repaid within 36 – 60 months (3 – 5 years). On average, long-term personal loans have...

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401(k) Loan vs. Personal Loan: What’s the Better Option?

Life happens. And sometimes, you don’t have the money you need in a bank account or a credit card to pay for life’s expenses. Getting a 401(k) loan or a personal loan can help cover those expenses quickly. Personal loans and 401(k) loans are both short-term installment loans. They are fairly easy to apply for...

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What Is Buy Now, Pay Later?

If you’ve ever gone shopping, either online or at a brick-and-mortar retailer, you’ve probably seen something you wanted, wished you had the money to buy it and moved on. Retailers understand it isn’t always easy to buy something if you have to put up all the money upfront. That’s one key reason they now offer...

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Moving Loans: How To Tackle Your Relocation Expenses

There are a lot of good reasons to move, especially when it comes to finding a home for yourself and your family. In fact, between 2017 and 2021, 40% – 50% of all movers cited housing-related reasons as their reason for moving.  But moving can also be expensive. Moving out of state can cost almost...

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Are Personal Loans Tax Deductible?

Personal loans can be a big help when you need money in a relatively short period of time. A personal loan can help you with emergencies, cover home repair and renovation costs, help you consolidate high-interest debt and much more. But when tax time comes around, you may find a personal loan doesn’t come with...

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Debt Consolidation Loan vs. Balance Transfer Credit Card

It’s not unusual to carry credit card debt from time to time. But most of us know that paying off this debt, especially if it’s high-interest debt, is a good move. After all, reducing or getting rid of your credit card debt not only helps you save money (and reduces the stress of carrying debt),...

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High-Interest Loans: What They Are and How They Work

Whether you need an emergency loan, auto repair financing or funds to pay for moving across the country, the number of loan options available can feel overwhelming. And if you need cash fast, have bad credit or have a high debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, a high-interest loan may be your only option. High-interest loans are usually...

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How to Get a Personal Loan Without a Job

A personal loan is when you borrow a sum of money and agree to pay it back (with interest) in fixed, monthly installments over time. Unlike a home mortgage or car loan, personal loans can be taken out for several different reasons, like:  Consolidating debt Paying medical bills Buying a car Financing a wedding or...

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Family Loans: Borrowing, Lending and More

Lending money to relatives can have potential benefits and drawbacks for both the lender and borrower. However, family loans can work out well when planned for despite the risk. Similar to other types of loans, family loans have legal requirements, tax implications and IRS guidelines to follow. Family loans need clear communication, including upfront disclosure...

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What Is Predatory Lending?

When we think of predatory lending, some of us might imagine the stereotypical loan shark. You know, the slightly menacing lender who lends money at ruinous interest rates and threatens to send someone to break a beloved appendage if we don’t pay on time. The truth is, predatory lending is more common than many borrowers...

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What Is an Automatic Payment and Should I Do It?

Adulting has its fun side, but paying bills usually doesn’t fall in the fun category. For many of us, paying bills can be time-consuming, boring and even stressful. What wouldn’t we give for a convenient, easy, efficient way to pay our bills? Thankfully, a solution exists: automatic bill payments. Automatic bill payments can rid you...

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