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What Is an Automatic Payment and Should I Do It?

Adulting has its fun side, but paying bills usually doesn’t fall in the fun category. For many of us, paying bills can be time-consuming, boring and even stressful. What wouldn’t we give for a convenient, easy, efficient way to pay our bills? Thankfully, a solution exists: automatic bill payments. Automatic bill payments can rid you...

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What Is a Point-of-Sale Loan and Are They Worth It?

Big expenses usually require big loans. You wanna buy a house? You’ll likely need a mortgage. You wanna renovate your kitchen? You’ll likely make use of a home equity loan. But what about smaller – yet significant – purchases? For those, you might want to consider point-of-sale (POS) financing. We’ll review what a point-of-sale loan...

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How To Lower Your Car Payment: 9 Strategies To Try

Buying a car can be costly. It’s no wonder a lot of people purchase a car with an auto loan. Between your car loan payment, car insurance, gas prices (and the occasional snack), your monthly costs to travel from point A to B can add up fast. If your debt has you feeling like you’re...

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What Are Your Options for Auto Repair Financing?

The day you’ve been dreading as a car owner has finally arrived. Maybe your car made a weird noise, a rock hit your windshield or you walked out of a store only to discover a flat tire. A peculiar noise, a cracked windshield or an unwelcome flat can be more than a personal inconvenience, it...

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RV Loans: Everything You Need To Know About Financing Your Camper

Maybe you’re a devotee of the #RemoteWorkLife or have been inspired by perfectly curated #VanLife videos. Maybe you’re ready to fulfill your dream of a cross-country road trip with your “hotel” traveling with you from town to town. Whichever hashtag (or fantasy) is motivating you, you’re ready to experience the freedom of the outdoors on...

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Jet Ski Financing: What’s the Best Option for You?

Riding a personal watercraft (PWC), like a Jet Ski or a Sea-Doo, is exhilarating for water sports lovers. And because some models are roomy enough to accommodate up to three passengers, a small family or friend group can ride the waves all summer long. A Jet Ski or Sea-Doo can be expensive, but owning one...

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What Is an Emergency Loan, and How Do You Get One?

Life comes with unexpected ups and downs. Unfortunately, we’re not always financially prepared when the tough times hit. Emergency loans can be a viable tool to help you through these situations. In this article, we’ll explain what an emergency loan is, how to get an emergency loan, what the most common types are and how...

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What Is Closed-End Credit?

Let’s talk credit! Credit is money you borrow and must repay. Depending on the type of credit account it is, you can use it for different purposes, like buying a boat, funding a wedding or buying an investment property. There are two main types of credit available to borrowers – closed-end credit and open-end credit....

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Different Types of Lines of Credit

Imagine, if you will, a pickle barrel at a grocery store. It’s filled with pickles you can take out, put in a bag and pay for. Of course, you only pay for the pickles you take out. And once you eat the pickles you bought, you can buy more pickles – again and again –...

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Does a Business Loan and Credit Affect My Personal Credit?

Applying for a business loan can be a great way to get the financing you need to grow your business. But did you know that it can affect your personal credit and may make it harder for you to borrow money for things like getting a mortgage? We’ve put together a guide to help you...

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What Minimum Credit Score Do I Need To Get a Business Loan?

If you understand how your personal (aka consumer) credit scores work, you already have a good idea of how business credit scores work. But finding the right business loan for you can seem daunting if you don’t know what credit scores you need to qualify. And what happens if you don’t qualify because your personal...

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What Is a Joint Personal Loan and How Do You Get One?

While having a credit card that two people share can help fund larger expenses you don’t have the immediate cash for, borrowing limits can be low and interest rates can be high. This is where a personal loan can help. And if you’re looking to get a personal loan with more than one borrower, you...

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