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Flipping Homes

Kitchen prepared for renovation covered in plastic tarps with a ladder

What To Know Before Buying a Flipped House

If you’re interested in buying a flipped home, there are a few things to consider before diving in. Knowing what to look for in a flipped house can mean the difference between buying a real-estate regret and buying a home with instant equity. This article will discuss what to look for in a flip house...

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Couple entering home for sale

What Are Different Types of Real Estate Investments?

Real estate can be a very lucrative investment – and it doesn’t have to be hard. Being a real estate investor doesn’t always require a great deal of financial commitment upfront, and you don’t always have to deal with tenants. Understanding your options to make money in real estate is the first step to exploring...

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Two men installing a door

How To Get a Loan for Flipping Houses

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect fixer-upper, and you think you can turn it around with a few months of work. All you need is money – money to acquire the property, invest in supplies and pay contractors to make the repairs and upgrades you can’t make on your own. While you may have gotten...

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Man standing outside a door with his hand on the doorknob

How To Start Investing in Real Estate

For most people, buying a home is a major life goal. And once that first home is safely in the rearview mirror, investing in real estate can give you the same adrenaline rush.  We’re willing to admit that investing in real estate may not be as thrilling as bungee jumping, getting a front-row seat at...

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