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MoneyTips’ mortgage and financial experts have a wide range of experience. What do they share in common? A desire to make complex financial concepts make sense, so you can live your best financial life.

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Think of us like your Yoda, but for finance stuff.

Phillip Christenson, CFA, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Phillip Christenson, CFA

Phillip is a tech-focused financial planner who co-owns a wealth management company focusing on college planning, investments, retirement planning, and other financial planning needs. He has specific expertise in financial planning and taxes.

Dan Crimmins, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Dan Crimmins

Dan is an experienced financial advisor who loves helping people clarify their financial goals and take steps to enjoy and protect their lifestyles. He writes on creating financial comfort and building legacies as well as helping & protecting families financially.

Sandra Kenrick, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Sandra Kenrick

Sandra is qualified as a financial advisor with business accreditation and has an eye for detail. She got her start in the banking industry working with small businesses and startups – and she can tell a good deal from a shiny gimmick. Her passion lies in writing about personal finance and entrepreneurship.

Amy King, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Amy King

Amy got her start in finance as an accountant. She soon developed a passion for sharing her knowledge about taxes. She wants to help readers better understand the ins and outs of taxes, making complex ideas understandable and accessible to everyone, so they can live their best financial lives – and save money.

Kris Lamey, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Kris Lamey

Kris Lamey is a real estate professional and investor in the competitive South Florida market and has worked as a senior consultant in finance at Fortune 500 and S&P 500 companies. Kris understands the impact content plays in the finance and real estate industries. She holds an MBA in finance from Florida International University.

Brian J. O'Connor, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Brian J. O'Connor

Brian is an award-winning and nationally syndicated personal finance author. He specializes in providing guidance on how to save thousands of dollars on mortgage payments and taxes, and he provides money tips and debt advice.

Rachel Rose, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Rachel Rose

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master's in accounting – the perfect background for a finance writer. She has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Today, Rachel is a Finance Manager for a global entertainment conglomerate in NYC.

David Stephens, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
David Stephens

David is a trusted 30-year professional in the mortgage, real estate, and home-buying space. His work for MoneyTips includes home buying advice, providing thought-provoking insights from the mortgage industry, including compelling thought leadership on interest rates and types of mortgages.

Winnie Sun, Contributing Writer for MoneyTips.com
Winnie Sun

Winnie is a wealth advisor and financial planner who writes for MoneyTips and contributes to national publications. She is frequently featured as a “top advisor” at national industry events and is often quoted in financial news media outlets such as CNBC.


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