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Managing Your Student Loan Debt

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A MoneyTips Guide to Paying Off Student Loans

Show of hands if you’ve heard this before: “Your college years are the best years of your life!” Looking back at that time – and looking ahead to life in “the real world” – you might get nostalgic, especially when those student loan payment notifications start to kick in. You may be wondering if that...

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Pros and Cons of Private Student Loans

You have to spend money to make money, right? That’s certainly how it feels when you’re considering going to college or trade school. You’ve got to pay to take classes to become qualified to one day work your dream job. But where does this money come from? Your family certainly can’t be expected to pay...

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How Does Student Loan Interest Work?

Well, look at you investing in your future! According to the experts, that degree should pay off after graduation, but for now, you’re probably focused on figuring out how to pay for it all – tuition, books, dorm fees and everything in between.   Hopefully, you and your family were able to save for this day...

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Variable vs. Fixed Rate: Student Loan Terms Explained

When you pay back your student loan, you pay back the amount you borrowed and a little something extra. That little something extra is what’s known as interest. Interest is the fee you pay to borrow money from a lender.  Let’s say you got a loan for $30,000 with a 3.73% fixed interest rate and...

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What Is a Student Loan Grace Period?

You’ve taken the classes, and you’ve imbibed your body weight in ⭐ caffeine ⭐ while enduring sleepless nights of studying. Now that you’ve graduated, you need to figure out how to pay off your looming student loans. Before you panic-apply to every job on Indeed, just know that you do get a bit of leeway....

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How Long To Pay Off Student Loans?

You finally made it through college. You graduated with a degree, a new set of friends, great memories – and probably some amount of student loan debt. How long does it take to pay off student loans, you ask? And what strategies can help you manage paying it along the way? How Long Does it...

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