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Home Equity Loan vs. Cash-Out Refinance

Sure, your home’s main purpose is to give you and your family a place to live. And you might even use your home as a kind of real estate investment.  But if that’s all you think your home is good for, you’re missing out on some other ways to use your homeownership to your advantage,...

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What Is Mortgage Forbearance and Is It Right for Me?

Life happens, and sometimes you may experience financial challenges that might jeopardize your ability to pay bills – like your mortgage – on time and in full.  If you’re dealing with financial setbacks from a job loss or an emergency expense (or expenses!) and you’ve fallen behind on your monthly mortgage payments, you may find...

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Buying a Foreclosed Home: The What and How

After the mortgage crash of 2008, buying foreclosed homes has become a more common practice. Foreclosed homes can be just as easy to come across as any other listing on the multiple listing service (MLS). Buying a foreclosed home can be a savvy way to buy a property priced under market value. It can also...

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How To Refinance After Bankruptcy

If you’ve been through bankruptcy, you may feel more cautious than ever about taking out new loans – especially on your home. But if you’re careful and well informed, refinancing can help you save money and unlock the equity in your home at a low-interest rate. What Are the Reasons To Refinance After Bankruptcy?  There...

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Can You Refinance Your Mortgage With Bad Credit?

Refinancing your mortgage can be a great way to save money or get more favorable terms on your home loan.  This is especially true if interest rates are low and your home value has increased since you bought your home. But what if your credit score is standing in the way of refinancing? When you...

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