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Conventional Mortgage

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A MoneyTips Guide to Conventional Loans

If you’re shopping around for a mortgage, you’ll probably hear words like “conventional” and “conforming” and acronyms like “VA” and “FHA” thrown around by mortgage lenders and loan officers. It can feel a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to translate. With this helpful guide to conventional mortgage loans, you can shop for your mortgage without...

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8 Ways Technology Is Changing the Mortgage Process

Technology has changed everything about how we live our lives. From ordering takeout to dating and banking, there always seems to be an app for that. What you might not realize is that financial technology (fintech) has changed the way we buy homes and get mortgages, too. Here are eight ways that technology has changed...

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What Is Escrow and How Can It Help You Buy a Home?

When you make a friendly wager or pool your money, you may ask another neutral friend to hold onto that money for you. Escrow is the legal version of that. A third party temporarily holds onto a large sum of money and releases it when a particular condition has been met. As you learn about...

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