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Understanding Schedule E Tax Forms for Rental Supplemental Income and Loss

Owning a rental property is an effective way to generate a secondary income. When managed correctly, rental properties can generate consistent monthly cash flow while appreciating in value over time. Although income earned from a rental property ownership might be a little different from income earned in a typical job, you can expect both kinds...

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Rental Property Depreciation: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Owning a rental property is a popular strategy for creating a secondary income. When managed correctly, a good rental property can help you generate regular monthly cash flow and build equity over time. Additionally, several tax benefits come with property ownership, such as the possibility of writing off depreciation. Managing any sort of rental or...

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Can a Second Home Be Considered a Primary Residence?

If you thought buying your first home felt like one of the biggest financial moves of your life, you may have even more to think about if you buy a second home. In particular, you may be wondering:  What are the fundamental differences between second homes and primary residences? Why can’t they both be primary...

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Investing in Multifamily Properties: A How-To

Are you thinking about expanding your investment portfolio with a multifamily property? While they’re more expensive upfront, multifamily properties can be good investments that offer quite a few benefits over investing in single-family homes. You may not hear many owners describe being a landlord as the easiest job in the world, but it doesn’t have...

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Why You Should Look Into Real Estate Investing: 10 Benefits

At first glance, the benefits of investing in real estate seem ideal – buy the right property, and you can enjoy regular cash flow, low volatility and a variety of tax incentives. Of course, like every investment, real estate comes with risk. Owning property involves upkeep, labor and a certain level of uncertainty in the...

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The 1% Rule in Real Estate, Explained

You’re determined to break into real estate investment, and your first instinct is to field your options. But as you click through property listings, there’s only one question on your mind: “How am I supposed to know which properties are good investments?”  The 1% rule is a quick and easy measurement that helps establish whether...

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Airbnb Investment: The Pros and Cons

Airbnb introduced a new option to the world of real estate investment. Since its debut in 2007, the vacation rental platform has upended the travel industry in many ways, becoming the lodging provider of choice for both business and leisure travelers. Airbnb investments can be profitable, allowing you to make money without requiring a lot...

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How To Finance an Airbnb Rental

As Airbnb and similar hosting options continue to grow in popularity, you might be considering hosting an Airbnb rental property yourself. Investing in Airbnb properties can be a lucrative option that generates consistent rental income, but it comes with its own set of challenges. If you’re looking to get in on the Airbnb market or...

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Airbnb vs. Renting: Which Strategy Is Best?

When you’re new to the renting game, all options are on the table when it comes to getting your empty investment property occupied and profitable. If you purchased a second home so you can rent it out, you might be wondering if listing it with Airbnb would earn you more than renting it to a...

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What Is an REO Property?

A real estate owned (REO) property is a listing that was foreclosed on and failed to sell in the auction phase. It’s now owned by a mortgage lender, mortgage investor or bank that wants to sell it as fast as possible.  These bank-owned properties can vary greatly from charming and quaint to collapsing mold-filled frames....

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How To Buy Rental Property in 5 Steps

Thinking of buying a rental property as an investment? There are plenty of potential benefits, such as: Earning passive income as a supplement to other business revenue Making a stable investment that has historically grown in value Establishing a business that can scale up over time, from a single property worth six figures to a...

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Second Home vs. Investment Property: The Differences

You’re at a point in your life where you’re financially stable. You own your home and have a steady income. Now, you’re thinking about expanding and buying a second home or an investment property.  Real estate can be a smart investment that gains value over time. But you may be wondering what the difference is...

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5 Tips for Buying a Second Home or Vacation Home

Many people think that buying a second home or vacation home will never be more than a pipe dream – believing that this kind of purchase is exclusive to the rich and famous. Sometimes, that second property isn’t about living a lavish lifestyle. For many people, a second home is an investment. And if you’re...

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