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What’s a Single-Family Home?

So, what’s a single-family home? You may be surprised by the variety of answers you get. Talk to a real estate agent, and you’ll get one answer. Talk to a mortgage lender, and depending on the loan you want, you might get a totally different answer.  A single-family home in a big city may be...

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Why Do Mortgages Get Sold and What To Do Next

Imagine opening your mailbox or inbox and getting a letter from your mortgage lender telling you that your mortgage loan is being sold. If you didn’t know that selling mortgages was a thing, the letter might leave you confused or even frustrated. Take a deep breath because it’s nothing to stress over. Mortgages get sold...

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How To Make a Home Inventory List for Insurance

Accidents happen all the time; it’s just a natural and unpreventable part of life. Homeowners might not be able to prevent all the accidents, but they can prepare for them. Creating a home inventory list is one of the most important steps you can take to prepare. Trust us, your future self will thank you!...

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26 Types of Houses and Architectural Style

When you first start looking for a home, you’ll hear a lot of terms thrown around describing house types:  Victorian, semi-detached? Multifamily art deco? Contemporary condo? Modern Cape Cod in an HOA community? This can get confusing, especially when you consider the many different architectural styles that exist across the U.S. But help is here....

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7 Personal Financial Planning Tips for New College Grads

Learn seven basic personal finance strategies, including tips for saving, budgeting and handling debt, to get your post-college life off to a good start.

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Holiday Bonuses 101

Congratulations on receiving a holiday bonus! Be careful though, do you know the tax implications? Learn how to maximize return and minimize taxes.

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Your Roth IRA 60-Day Withdrawal Window

Do you want to use your Roth IRA as a rainy day fund? Discover the two 60-day windows to consider when withdrawing funds from a Roth IRA.

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Refinance Your Mortgage To Lower Monthly Expenses

Learn how to lower your monthly mortgage payments and the interest rate on your home loan by refinancing.

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Getting The Most From Employer-Matching 401(k)s

Discover the limits on 401(k) contributions and matching contributions if you are participating in an employer-matched 401(k).

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Using Delayed Financing To Buy A Home

Learn how delayed financing can help potential homebuyers compete with other buyers who can pay cash to get their dream homes.

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Is It Better To Prepay Or To Refinance?

Compare the pros and cons of refinancing with current low mortgage rates to making additional payments towards the principal and saving on interest.

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Refinancing Your Mortgage To Pay Off Debts

With growing consumer debts, should consumers refinance their mortgage to pay off debts? Discover some of the pros and cons.

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What should I do with my old 401k? Know your options.

You've been saving into your employer-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan, but now you are leaving. Discover your options for what to do with your old 401(k).

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Why Having Too Much Cash Isn’t Ideal

As an adult, you are told that saving money, as opposed to investing it, isn’t always the best strategy. What’s the real story?

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What is the Right Asset Allocation Model for my Age?

Asset allocation models refer to three asset classes in your investment portfolio: stocks, bonds and cash. Learn the major issues in picking an asset allocation model.

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Retirement and the Self-Employed

If you work for yourself, saving for retirement takes a little bit more effort. Here are three qualified retirement plans that are popular among the self-employed:

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72(t) Retirement Plan 101

Learn about rule 72(t), which allows you to withdraw funds from your 401(k), IRA, or tax-sheltered annuity prior to the age of 59-½.

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Not All ETFs Are Created Equal

ETFs can be excellent low-cost investments, or they can be disproportionately expensive money drains. Learn what to look for so you can spot the difference.

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End of Year Portfolio Strategies

The end of a year is a time to assess the past and look forward to new opportunities. Give your holdings a review and consider these strategies as you do.

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529 Plan Mismatches

529 plans are one of the best options available to save for your child's college education, but because of their tax-deferred status, you need to be careful when withdrawing at the end of the year.

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IRA Rollover 101

Learn How to Execute Your Rollover Like a Pro

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Handling Debt Pre-Retirement

Debt as you approach retirement can be stressful, as you have less time to make up for shortfalls. Learn which kinds of debt you need to shed before you retire.

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