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Tips for Selling a House

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A MoneyTips Guide to Selling Your Home

It’s time to sell your home. Wait, are you getting misty-eyed or feeling anxious? It’ll be OK, promise. You’ve got more choices at your fingertips than a BuzzFeed personality quiz. Getting smart about a home sale means doing your due diligence. With some planning and basic research, you can find answers to key questions about...

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7 Home Selling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Making the wrong moves when selling your house can keep buyers away while keeping you awake at night. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sure, selling your house is never easy, but avoiding home seller mistakes can be if you know what to expect. You did a great job saving for your first...

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11 Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

When touring homes or checking out prospects online, do you ever admire the decor of a home so much that you wish you could buy it as-is? Or maybe you’ve experienced the opposite. Maybe you saw the perfect home, but something was off about the way it was decorated. That’s the power – good, bad...

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What Is for Sale by Owner (FSBO)?

Fizzbo. 🤡  No, it’s not the name of a party clown. It’s how you pronounce “FSBO,” the acronym of “for sale by owner.” Maybe you’ve seen a FSBO home listed online and wondered how different the buying process is from buying a home that’s listed the standard way.  Or maybe you’re about to put your...

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