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Home Buying Costs

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Using a Construction Loan To Build a House

House hunting can be both exhilarating and exhausting – you’re all swept up looking at other people’s interpretation of a dream home.  While there might be that one property that could tick all your boxes, it’s not a guarantee. So, what if you had the opportunity to build your own dream house?  A construction loan...

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Some of the tools used to build a house arranged artistically

Is It Cheaper To Buy or Build a House? Which Costs Less (and Other Need-to-Knows)

Traditionally, a lot of home buyers have seen building a brand new home as the ultimate homeowner experience to aspire to. That’s still true, but nowadays, older homes are gaining a lot more interest (just ask the producers over at HGTV). And despite the renewed interest in historic homes and remodels, building a house from...

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How Much Does It Cost To Build a House?

Finding the perfect home is a challenge. And if it feels like you can’t find a home that speaks to you, you may be considering building your dream home instead of buying an existing home that doesn’t check all your required boxes. Before you start drawing up the floor plan and picking out paint colors,...

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Gift Money for Down Payments: How Can I Properly Use It?

Home buying can be a challenging experience for a variety of reasons. One of the biggest challenges for home buyers is saving up enough money to cover a down payment. Maybe that’s why a study from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) found that in 2019 more than 32% of first-time home buyers got a...

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What’s a Down Payment and How Big (or Small) Should Yours Be?

Think of your down payment as the cover charge that gets you into the homeowners club. 🔥 A lot of home buyers might need to get creative to pull together the cash they need for this upfront cost, but once they’re over that hump and into their new home, they know it was worth it. ...

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16 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Wondering how to buy your first home? You’re not alone.  For the past 20 years, 1 million to 2 million Americans became first-time home buyers every year. In 2020, that number spiked to 2.38 million. Even as homeownership is rising, it can still feel like a mysterious process for a newbie. We’ll help you understand...

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First-Time Buyer Costs to Include in Your Budget

Buying your first house can be like buying a new motorcycle. Yeah, it costs a significant amount, but you’re pretty sure the payments will be just within your budget, so you get a loan. Before you know it, you’re paying for motorcycle lessons, insurance, a carbon fiber helmet, a synthetic leather motorcycle jacket, constant repairs...

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How To Buy a House With No Money Down

When you buy a house, you’re usually asked to make a down payment, or a sum of money paid upfront to purchase a home. The down payment is typically combined with a mortgage to finance the purchase of a property.  Conventional mortgages and conventional wisdom both suggest that buyers are expected to pay at least...

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How Much Income Do You Need To Buy a House?

Buying a house can be very exciting. It’s a milestone many of us dream of. But stubbornly high home prices and rising interest rates are making many of us stop and wonder whether we earn enough income to buy a house.  With so many variables in play (think: purchase price, loan type, location, mortgage rates),...

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What Is Mortgage Insurance? MIP vs. PMI

A mortgage is a big commitment. When you’re buying a home, your lender wants to know you’re in it for the long haul, and capable of paying for it. For the mortgage lender, a client can show that by making a 20% down payment on the home. Even when 20% down isn’t possible, lenders are...

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Property Taxes Make Qualifying Difficult For Some Borrowers

Most homebuyers assume their monthly mortgage payment will include only the principal and the interest. Learn what other expenses they must consider.

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